The Best Times for Nonprofits to Blog

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In a previous post, I blogged about a recent Mashable Social Media blog on the best times to share on Facebook and Twitter.

This led me to dig into the trends for blogging.

I wanted to see if they followed the trends for Tumblr, which I was shocked to learn had the best results for posts after 7:00 p.m. (and on Friday and Sunday, no less!).

I figured that Tumblr looked a lot like a blog, so its readers would act like blog readers.

But the results were actually the exact opposite. Check out the attached graph from

Thankfully, this was closer to what I had assumed about blogging. When I think about the timing of my blogs, I tend to think about the people who follow my blog by email (God Bless You All for not unsubscribing every time I post a poem!).

For me, I’d prefer to get an email on a workday. Weekend emails are almost instantly deleted — unless, of course, the wife and the kids are asleep and am too tired to read a book but too caffeinated to sleep… in which case it might be the best time to email me.

I then also found some helpful information on the time of day to post a blog on, in their blog “The Science of Social Timing Part 3: Timing and Blogging.

This confirmed another suspicion: posting in the middle of the night is a bad idea.

When I first login in the morning, I tend to delete everything that came in overnight that is not personalized — all blog posts to which I’ve subscribed, newsletters, etc.

So, while I write my blogs in the middle of the night, I tend to post them around mid-morning. That way, there’s a chance that someone will get it in their email and read it immediately (a terrible idea generally, but one that I certainly fall victim to myself).

Of course, there is also another lesson in all of this:

Don’t overthink it.

As I was researching all of this, I found another of KISSmetric’s blogs — The Science of Social Timing Part 1: Social Networks. This blog had slightly different findings than my original article…. and actually showed that posts on the weekend has the highest Retweets/Shares…

Be smart, but don’t try to outsmart yourself.

Above all, do what Seth Godin would advise, and focus on creating great content. The rest will hopefully take care of itself.

(But seriously, don’t post in the middle of the night)

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