Suzanne Smith of Social Impact Architects

Movement Builder: Suzanne Smith of Social Impact Architects

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Suzanne Smith of Social Impact Architects

Suzanne Smith of Social Impact Architects

I blogged earlier this week about Nonprofit Dysfunction and the Beloved Community. Thanks to those of you who shared it on social media and who sent me encouraging notes about the direction in which I am now heading.

One of the more encouraging friends I’ve met along this journey has been Suzanne Smith, the Managing Director at Social Impact Architects. Suzanne is a passionate champion for social entrepreneurship in Dallas and a remarkably insightful nonprofit consultant. For a glimpse into her brilliance, you need to look no further than the description of her firm:

Social Impact Architects® provides management and sector specific services to organizations that address society’s most pressing challenges. We use innovative, market-driven management tools to design cost effective, pragmatic plans for our clients. Social Impact Architects® fundamentally believes that social solutions are much like architecture in that they require scientific, evidence-based design as well as the intuitive judgment of an art form. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure organizational ownership and improved capacity to sustain the solutions we help design.

Check out her recent post which echoes many of the sentiments I shared in the blog cited above:

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Power of Social Movements


Her blog cites the Power of Change, which states that there are five things needed to forge a movement.

  5. FIGHT

To learn more … you gotta read her blog!

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