A Story to Show the Power of Monthly Donors

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This is the most amazing little story from Catholic Extension: Devoted to the Cause http://www.catholicextension.org/how-we-help/stories-faith/devoted-cause¬† I encourage you to click the link and read the full story about Virginia and Richard Miles. In brief, they are just a regular couple … probably middle-income, likely focused mostly on raising their family and doing what they can to improve the world.¬†And yet, …

volunteers (image via CC at https://flic.kr/p/8uXEe9)

Fundraising ProTip: 10 Steps to Impress Your Volunteers

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Show that you are a professional organization from the start. Give every volunteer a job description that outlines their duties — even if they are just volunteering for one day. Doesn’t have to be fancy, just something that helps them understand what they can do to be the most help to you. At the end, include ways that they can …