7 Simple Steps to Build a Low-Cost, High-Impact Marketing Program

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  All the best ways to build your market are free — word of mouth and referrals being chief among them. However, to maximize your potential referral sources, you have to make it easy for people to send you their contacts. And no, this is not asking them to literally give you their Rolodex (for those of you in Gen …

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How To Save Newspapers

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Thanks again to the eternally vigilant insomniac of the social enterprise movement, Stacy Caldwell, for connecting me to this article on the L3C movement ( Sally Duros: How To Save Newspapers (Huffington Post) http://digg.com/d1uFoZ?t Chicago's newspapers could find a lifeline to solvency and a return to social purpose in a new kind of business structure called an L3C, or low-profit limited …