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The Outsourced Development Office (Guest blog by Andrew Kramer)

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This post was written by our friend, Andrew Kramer.  For most nonprofits that have $500,000 or more in revenue, funding must come from a variety of sources – government, foundations, individuals, corporations, events, etc. – and has to be managed, almost full time, by a senior person in the organization. The trouble with a broad, diversified funding base is that …

Jeremy Gregg Leadership Series

Jeremy Gregg interviewed on “Leadership Series”

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Jeremy Gregg, managing director of Gregg Partners, was recently interviewed for an article in “The Leadership Series” by Worldwide101. Check out the article here.

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Are you thanking your donors enough? Here are 5 easy ways to share the love.

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You are busy. I get it. You have a thousand emails to read, a dozen grants to write, and an eNewsletter that needs to be edited. August is now here, and you are beginning to worry about your year-end giving: the numbers are just not looking good. And you haven’t even thought of checking your voicemail in a week…. because, …

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The 140-year Old Technology that Still Raises the Most Money

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Alexander Graham Bell won the first U.S. patent for the telephone in 1876. And today, despite all of the bells and whistles of the Internet, it remains a fundraiser’s greatest tool. Direct mail is very effective. Email can also be great, if used properly. Facebook and Twitter are right for some organizations, and huge wastes of time for others. But after 140 years, the …

Andrew Kramer of Dallas, Texas

Grantwriting: Volume vs Relationship? (Guest blog by Andrew Kramer)

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This post was written by our friend, Andrew Kramer. Please check out his blog about mental health, Smiling Acrobat. Many nonprofit leaders like to treat foundations as a type of high reward direct mail campaign. As a development leader, almost all of my Executive Directors told me that they wanted me to increase the number of grants I was sending …

The Miles Foundation

Shifting the Collaboration Paradigm Between Funders and Nonprofits (guest blog for The Miles Foundation)

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Below is a copy of my interview with the Miles Foundation, “Shifting the Collaboration Paradigm Between Funders and Nonprofits.” My sincere thanks to Sara Redington, the Director of Communications for the foundation, for her assistance with this post. This interview was conducted in February 2015 shortly after I presented at the Dallas Contributors’ Network. You can also download a PDF of …

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Nonprofit Dysfunction and the Beloved Community

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[pullquote cite=”Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” type=”right”]Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.[/pullquote]Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. As the nation reflected on the legacy of MLK, I was reminded of Dr. King’s belief in “the beloved community.” That concept — which the King …

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Land of Non — More than Charity

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Tomorrow, I am giving a presentation at the Nonprofit Summit hosted by the Nonprofit Center of North Central Florida. I am giving a wide-ranging talk that I am calling “The Land of Non: More than Charity.” (Thanks to my friend Stacy Caldwell for introducing me to this very appropriate term for the ol’ nonprofit sector. See my first blog about it here.) …

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Why Nonprofits Should Give Thanks this Year

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The Street/ just published a nice article entitled, “What Main Street Is Thankful for This Year” — and I am grateful that I was included in the section about nonprofits. Here was my initial reply to the reporter: “I work for one of the nation’s 1.4 million nonprofit organizations — and I am thankful for the millions of …

The Future of Marketing: Predictions For 2012 on Social Media Marketing

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Business 2 Community is an “independent online community focused on sharing the latest news surrounding Social Media, Marketing, Branding, Public Relations & Much More.” The site recently included me as one of its “46 experts on marketing” in the article, The Future of Marketing: 46 Experts Share Their Predictions For 2012. Here was my contribution: The future of marketing will be …

Top 5 Secrets To Hyper-Local Marketing (My interview on AmEx Open Forum)

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I was recently interviewed as an expert on small business and hyper-local marketing by the American Express Open Forum‘s Katie Morrell. The article, entitled “Top 5 Secrets To Hyper-Local Marketing,” can be viewed here. The article describes how small businesses can leverage the power of hyper-local advertising such as neighborhood newsletters, collaborations with other small businesses, viral marketing with contests/catchy …