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Are you thanking your donors enough? Here are 5 easy ways to share the love.

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You are busy. I get it. You have a thousand emails to read, a dozen grants to write, and an eNewsletter that needs to be edited. August is now here, and you are beginning to worry about your year-end giving: the numbers are just not looking good. And you haven’t even thought of checking your voicemail in a week…. because, …

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The 140-year Old Technology that Still Raises the Most Money

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Alexander Graham Bell won the first U.S. patent for the telephone in 1876. And today, despite all of the bells and whistles of the Internet, it remains a fundraiser’s greatest tool. Direct mail is very effective. Email can also be great, if used properly. Facebook and Twitter are right for some organizations, and huge wastes of time for others. But after 140 years, the …

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Listen the Gift: How Donors Donate

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Thanks to Arena Consulting for this powerful overview of some of the best ideas from Jerold Panas, one of the most insightful fundraisers I’ve had the privilege to meet. His idea of “listen the gift” has had a profound impact on me. If I could get him and Phil Cubeta on a panel discussion in front of a few hundred fundraisers, …