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How to Start a New 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

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Countless times over the past decade or so, I have received the following basic email/phone call/LinkedIn message: “I recently met someone who wants to start a nonprofit. They are incredibly passionate about their cause and would be great at it, but they need some help with raising money. Could you speak with them and tell them how to get started?” …

Jeremy Gregg Leadership Series

Jeremy Gregg interviewed on “Leadership Series”

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Jeremy Gregg, managing director of Gregg Partners, was recently interviewed for an article in “The Leadership Series” by Worldwide101. Check out the article here.

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Beyond the 5%: Impact Investing and the Future of Foundations

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Potentially transformative news appeared in The Chronicle of Philanthropy today in the article by Alex Daniels, “IRS Issues Rules Favorable to Foundations on Program-Related Investments.” “The Internal Revenue Service has issued new regulations designed to encourage private foundations to make investments in areas such as education, health, and the environment that can result in societal benefits and simultaneously generate income.” …

A New Model of Social Enterprise: Master Franchising

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Blog on two pioneering innovations in the realm of social entrepreneurship: social franchising at the statewide level and alternative financing for earned income ventures.

A Story to Show the Power of Monthly Donors

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This is the most amazing little story from Catholic Extension: Devoted to the Cause  I encourage you to click the link and read the full story about Virginia and Richard Miles. In brief, they are just a regular couple … probably middle-income, likely focused mostly on raising their family and doing what they can to improve the world. And yet, …

How to Market a Nonprofit Social Enterprise (#socent)

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I was very encouraged to see this piece on CitySquare (formerly Central Dallas Ministries) by NBC 5 DFW. The piece is a prime example of two of the best ways to market a nonprofit social enterprise: It promotes the social benefit of the store rather than just the products or services (i.e. it focuses on its unique point of differentiation from …

Thoughts on the Closing of The Demeter Project

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A tiny crack appeared in my heart when I first heard the rumor that one of Dallas’ preeminent social enterprises, The Demeter Project, would be closing along with their “It’s a Grind” coffee shop in Deep Ellum. For the past three years, this company has endeavored to provide a living wage with benefits, vacation and flexible hours to employees who could not …

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Management Advice from Patrick Esquerre

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I recently had the chance to enjoy a lunch with Patrick Esquerre, the founder of La Madeleine Country French Café. Over a delightful meal of mussels and lamb at the impeccable Salum, we discussed Patrick’s career as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Patrick offered an interesting analysis of the three types of people involved in any successful venture: Steppers: The majority …

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Social Enterprise 2.0: The Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C)???

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Thanks to Stacy Caldwell for connecting me to the fascinating concept of the Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C). Stacy is a Social Entrepreneur/Cultural Anthropologist/Blogger who leads the Dallas Social Venture Partners in addition to being the inspiration behind my Two-Word Strategic Plan. And, of course, thanks to Robert Lang of the Mary Elizabeth & Gordon B. Mannweiler Foundation for creating the concept of the L3C …