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10 Things a Nonprofit Should Know About Using Social Media

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I am not going to write about why your organization needs to integrate social media into its communications plan; if you can’t answer that for yourself by now, I can’t help you. But if you’re like most nonprofiteers, you’re already doing this: you just want to do it better. If that’s you, then here are ten pieces of advice that …

The Future of Marketing: Predictions For 2012 on Social Media Marketing

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Business 2 Community is an “independent online community focused on sharing the latest news surrounding Social Media, Marketing, Branding, Public Relations & Much More.” The site recently included meĀ as one of its “46 experts on marketing” in the article, The Future of Marketing: 46 Experts Share Their Predictions For 2012. Here was my contribution: The future of marketing will be …

The Land of “Non” — an imitation piece

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My response to Stacy Caldwell’s call for contributions towards a “collective storytelling” effort at creating a children’s fantasy about the nonprofit world.

Why Non-Profits Are So Good at Social Media

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Another powerful article fromHarvard Business Publishing, this time care of Alexandra Samuel:: Why Non-Profits Are So Good at Social Media Key points: Engage your audience by speaking to their core concerns. Put your audience in the driver's seat.  Offer a mix of tangible and social benefits.  Embrace emergent value propositions Innovate within the bounds of your core mission Read …

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Survey Says… Social Media Emerging as a Direct Marketing Channel

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StrongMail Systems, Inc., the leading provider of commercial-grade solutions for marketing and transactional email, today announced new survey data that points to the emergence of social media as a direct marketing channel and significant planned investment in email marketing and social media programs in the second half of 2009. More here:

Giving my first TEDx talk

Over 160 Bloggers on the List of Change

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Thanks to CRT/tanaka‘s Geoff Livingston for having the vision to create the List of Change… and more importantly, the talent to execute it as a first-class affair. I am very impressed by the names on the list, but also really appreciate the way that the list aggregates the various “scores” that demonstrate the reach/impact of a blog. Metrics for social …